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PACT: Public Access Community Television
AIR Interactive: I Participate, sponsored by Knowbility

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The home page uses a primarily black and white color scheme, and each section of the site is conveyed by a color corresponding to that section. The PACT logo is displayed on each page, and is a black circle with a nose with 5 colored exclamation points above it. Video production imagery is scattered throughout the site.

Site Requirements


  • All links to external websites will open a new browser window. Pressing Alt + F4 in windows (or Command + W on a Macintosh) will close the new window.
  • Skip to main content link at top of each page to allows users to go directly to the unique content of a page. Navigation menu is first on every page.
  • Relative units and CSS have been used to control look of page, including font size. If you are having difficulty reading the text due to its size, go to View, then Text Size on Internet Explorer or Firefox and choose a larger size.
  • When using Real Player, you can go to Tools (Alt + T) and then Preferences (P) and then to the content section and turn on or off captioning (Alt + C). You will have to restart Real Player to make your changes take affect.
  • Alternate text descriptions of all videos are available.
  • Site is XHTML 1.0 compliant.

Contact Info

Call (512) 478-8600 for more information on Public Access Community Television of Austin.
Visit or call (512) 396-1218 to contact the web designers.

Website Design

Site designed and built by Coefficient Designs for AIR Interactive for the Arts 2006 produced by Knowbility.

This site last updated on March 28, 2007.
All content copyright 2007 by Public Access Community Television of Austin.